Welcome to the foundation "Omnis Religio"

Who are we?

The private foundation “Omnis Religio” – which includes all religions – was founded by Karin and Reinhard Kirste. It was accepted by the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia in December 2003.

The foundation decided that its task would be to promote interreligious and intercultural dialogue. Therefore, it is concerned with corresponding sustainable initiatives in the areas of international concerns, of tolerance in the fields of culture, of religions, of world views and to support and encourage transparency as well as international understanding.

Thus, concrete interreligious projects in and outside of Europe, especially in the fields of schools, of youth work, of social work and, adult education, as well as, the scientific work and specific research on interreligious and intercultural areas and important topics shall be supported. This also includes the further expansion and international networking of the InterReligious Library (IRB).

Criteria for funding are the interreligiousness and the quality of work of the projects in question, as well as, the necessary support of the project organizers.In this sense, the (annual) sponsorship award is given to intercultural projects, interreligious active institutions or projects of individuals. It is important for the foundation to contribute to the improvement and stabilization of multi-religious encounters and thereby to strengthen the peace-making tendencies and activities of and within the religions as such.

Further information can be found in Reinhard Kirste’s blog portal “Omnis Religio”:


Translation: Prof. Dr. Dr. D.Lit. Manfred Kwiran, Wülperode