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Who are we?

The InterReligious Library (IRL/ IRB) has developed from the private library of Karin and Reinhard Kirste. It is part of the foundation “Omnis Religio” and now includes about 25,000 titles: books, journals, journal articles and essays (print and digital). The library contains books, journals and other materials in German, in English, in French and also in Spanish. The digital section is directly accessible via Open Access. The collected materials serve as basics for information, research, especially on topics of the dialogue of religions, of interreligious and intercultural importance, religious studies, theology, philosophy and religious education. Books and journals in the print section cannot be lend out, but research in the library’s stock is possible digitally (Licenses: Creative Commons).For further informations you may contact the blogportal of Reinhard Kirste:

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Translation: Prof. Dr. Dr. D.Lit. Manfred Kwiran, Wülperode